Selling Isobel tells the true story of the screenwriter and lead actress Frida Farrell.
Frida was a victim of sex trafficking and after years of trying to forget the event, decided to come back to it led by the idea it may be able to help other women.
It’s a noble idea to take on such a personal project and do it with such a small budget.
With the decision of reaching a younger audience we are offered a work of fiction instead of a documentary and some creative license is taken. Once creative licence is taken, a film should offer more than just a retelling of a story. We struggle to connect to the main character, which ends up preventing us from feeling the despair and anxiety of the reality depicted.
With solid editing and cinematography, the film lacks something when it comes to the character portrayal and depth which ultimately doesn’t let it reach its full potential.

Selling Isobel won the Raindance Festival Indie Award.
Thanks to Frida Farrell for answering some of our questions.
Selling Isobel