There’s a new social media platform on the market.
Vero is ad free and allows you to categorise your followers in different groups to which you can choose whether or not you want to share your content with.
It’s also being introduced as a peer-to-peer recommendation platform, as you can share films, music, food, etc. you liked and easily check your friends and followers recommendations as well.
Vero invites artists they feel connected with to curate content for them. People like Charlie XCX or Clay Enos are sharing new content there first.
It’s a very new app still in development, particularly in their Android version.
If privacy in social networking and the silence from advertising is something you’re looking for, this is a well designed, user friendly and beautiful looking app.
Being free from advertising may mean it will be a subscription service in the future, take that into consideration before completely committing to it.

Vero is free to download for iOS and Android.