In a festival which dedicates their programme to championing women’s work, it was a delight to go to a shorts programme screening, at 11 AM on a Saturday, and find a pretty full room.

8 seriously good shorts, focusing on movement and sound. I’ll single out my two favourites, but think they all deserve a look.

Maze by Eve McConnachie is a beautiful dance short. Expertly choreographed and set on an amazing location I’d love to visit and explore with my camera as company. The cinematography enhances these features and had me wanting more after its 6 minutes were up.

On the other side of the spectrum, a longer and darker short, The Wake by Oonagh Kearney also uses dance as its cinematic language. It explores women and their relationships in a raw and honest way. In no more than 20 minutes it manages to get you to think about women perceptions on film.