Are you already stressing out thinking about the busy Christmas period ahead? Or maybe looking for a change in pace in the new year?
Psychologist Dr. Lynda Shaw has some morning ritual tips which may help you get a better start to your day.
1 – Try writing down 3 things you are grateful for – it will help you achieve a more positive outlook.
2 – Start the day by stating how you want to behave – calm, energetic, kind?
3 – One of the first things you probably do in the morning is make a cup of tea – make sure it’s a quality one, such as Twinings English Strong Breakfast and drink it in your favourite mug or cup.
4 – Get physical – a stretch, a run or a walk, something you enjoy and can help you start your day energetically.
5 – Text a friend or family member and tell them how great they are – something meaningful that can give you both a boost.