Written and directed by Hope Dickinson Leach, produced by Rachel Robey and starred by Ellie Kendrick, The Levelling couldn’t be a better fit for the Underwire Festival. In her first incursion into features, the writer/director expertly delivered us the subject of grief.
Following the unexpected death of her brother, Clover (Ellie Kendrick) goes back home to be confronted by the frailty of human relationships and the power of family ties.
The devastation is felt both emotionally, with all the characters trying to find themselves following a big loss, as well as physically, with the devastation of the landscape where the action is set. A fully rounded picture which deepens the connection of the audience to the piece.
Having to cope with a low budget, landscapes and fire were skillfully used to help build a carefully constructed, visually beautiful frame to an insightful and touching story of life.
Sadly, time constraints didn’t allow me to immerse myself more in the festival’s programme. I was left wanting more and I hope they continue the good work, making women’s production more visible.