The TomTom Spark 3 is a fitness watch with a built-in music player and route exploration.
As fitness watches go, it’s a pretty good one. You can choose between a diverse range of activities – running, cycling, swimming, etc. – and track your pulse, times and routes with it. It can be connected to your smart watch through the MySports TomTom app, where you can access all your activities and evaluate your progress.
The watch is targeted at the music loving runner. You can load your music to the watch and listen to it on your Bluetooth headphones. The process of loading music and charging this device is a bit fiddly as there is a specific USB cable for this and you can’t just use your common USB cable.
As an avid podcast consumer who usually listens to them while running, I would love to have the option of connecting the watch to my podcast app, which is still not possible. I’ll leave my hint for TomTom.

£119.99 at John Lewis, Currys and PC World.