Lately, when a film is associated with a lot of hype, I worry. In this particular situation I kept my hopes up, as 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes isn’t something that can easily be overlooked. Expectations were big!
It deserves all the hype and all the percentage points!
It hits a trifecta – piercing social commentary, effectively scary horror and that bit of funny that makes everything better. Jordan Peele managed to marry his love of horror and comedy perfectly.
Get Out didn’t need to run away from all the horror cliches to be successful, it uses them all, but if also grounds them on a solid reality and justifies all the tropes in a very truthful way.
Score, photography and great casting help make it that little bit more perfect and Daniel Kaluuya deserves to be mentioned for leading this film so well.
Now off to Rotten Tomatoes to keep that perfect percentage going!