Price: Free!

Rating: 5/5



If there’s one word that will get your attention, it’s “free” and if whatever it is that happens to be free isn’t half bad either, then all the better. But, every now and again you come across something that is not only free, but bloody fantastic with it. Like Nitronic Rush, for example. Developed by students at DigiPen Institute of Technology, Nitronic Rush is described as being an experiment al survival driving game and while we’re not sure what that means exactly, we do know that it’s a storming little game. There’s a story of some description but you’ll want to play it because it’s free (did we mention that?) and delivers a blistering frame rate, punchy neon graphics and comes with a thumping techno soundtrack too. And it’s free. But above all, it’s just good fun and that’s something that we all need a little bit of in our lives.