Jealously has been brewing. After years of watching baristas turn serving coffee into an artform, Cambridge Consultants have created a prototype device that injects a sense of theatre into the art of tea-making. If you’ve ever seen Japanese Tea Ceremony you’ll know exactly how theatrical tea drinking can be, so it’s interesting to see what technology can bring to the mix.

The ‘TeaTotal’ machine uses loose leaf tea in a theatrical brewing pot that fills with water and swirls the leaves around as it steeps before pouring straight into a cup. The device also offers personalisation to help create the ‘perfect cup’ and brews the tea in just two minutes.

“Recent retail figures show that even if consumers are reluctant to buy expensive consumer goods in the current economic climate, they are willing to spend money on little luxuries like cosmetics, personal care products, food and drinks. Tea drinkers stand in line in a retail outlet and watch as their coffee-drinking fellow customers are treated to a personal ‘barista experience’. Meanwhile they are presented with a mug of hot water and a soggy bag on a string. Tea drinkers deserve more, and will demand more as tea becomes the new coffee. The TeaTotal prototype brings that same sense of everyday luxury to tea, where we have seen a richer approach to leaves and flavours but not yet to the brewing process itself.”

Edward Brunner, Principal Engineer in Cambridge Consultants’ Consumer Team.


In the last five years, Cambridge Consultants has been engaged in over 30 beverage dispense projects in the consumer and commercial spaces, ranging from novel espresso delivery to high quality milk frothing technology.

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