As a man about town, I see iPhones pretty much everywhere. I also see USB ports everywhere I turn (obviously given the nature of my occupation I’m more inclined to look). The two should hook up. I’m not alone in thinking this and the folks at Red5 have brought out a iPhone Keyring USB Cable for charging on the go.

My love for my iPhone is equalled only by my hatred of my iPhone battery. Admittedly I use my phone *alot* but that is what I bought it for. Alas it has a tendency to flake out at the worst of times. I’m not yet in the habit of carrying a standard iPhone cable around, so the tiny USB cable keyring that lets me charge my iPhone or iPod wherever the nearest USB port is is ideal.

Available in black or white, this portable cable folds into a compact key ring fob to attach to your keys and folds out to 12cm in length.

It is available now from Red5.co.uk for £4.95.