If you’re serious about your environmental credentials then you may have serious reservations about where you technology is coming from. There’s no point getting up in arms about blood diamonds when your laptop, TV or smartphone are packed with conflict minerals.

Well you may be interested to hear that a design student from Middlesex University will see his unique mobile phone made from as many materials from sustainable sources as possible hit the UK market in 2012.

The new smartphone – called ‘ADzero’ – is made from four year old organically grown bamboo specially treated for durability. I’m not sure when dietAD, cherryAD and ADclassic hit the market. Like many phones it will include a camera, but ADzero features technology called a ‘ring flash’ not available on any current mobile phone. A circular photographic flash around the camera’s lens ensures very even illumination and minimises shadows.

The sleek new phone is approximately half the weight of an Apple iPhone, with a larger screen and some flavour of Android OS.

The phone is designed by Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, a 23 year old Middlesex University student from Shepherds Bush, who designed a mobile phone in his spare time after getting frustrated with the lack of variety in the mobile phone market. I write jokes about Zelda in my spare time. I’ve clearly wasted my life. After posting his creations on forums and websites, he was contacted by a technology entrepreneur who wanted to bring his ideas to life.
The pair joined forces with a hardware engineer and within weeks had set up a company to manufacture the phone. See – sometimes positive things can come from posting on internet forums, it’s not all just complaning about iPhones and season 8 of the Office.

The company will target ‘design aware’ retailers and boutiques in the UK.