I don’t think I’m blowing anybody’s mind by pointing out that it’s quite cold in the UK at the moment, although my Polish neighbour didn’t point out that it was -20 degrees in her home town and she wasn’t even going to put on her jacket for current UK temperatures.

Midland Subzero Music headphones are they perfect hybrid between earmuffs and headphones and are fully adjustable for a perfect fi,t with a lined soft inner furry cloth and outer quilted fabric.

They also include two high-quality iPhone-compatible Hi-Fi stereo speakers so you can make hands-free calls, listen to music, or tune into a PMR446 Transceiver for two-way communications.

The Midland Subzeroes are also pretty flexibile and the headset jack can be connected to one of two different supplied cables. The music/mobile phone cable features an answer/control button suitable for iPhone with Play, Pause and Skip Song buttons for your music as you’d expect.

The PMR446 cable allows you to connect to a compatible radio transceiver with a 2-pin plug and make lots of Generation Kill style radio calls telling Hitman Actual that you’ll be Oscar Mike in 5 minutes.


£34.95 Available in White, Black & Red from: www.nevadaradio.co.uk