Fancy telling your loved ones how much they mean to you this Valentine’s Day? Why wait? Seriously. Now is as good a time as any – and probably a lot cheaper than expressing your affection on February 14th. Agreed? Well now with all that money you’ve just saved, why not get spontaneously sexy with some gadgets from (spontaneoulsy sexy is our motto here at Twin Geek Towers and we get down with our gadgets *all* the time).

Fancy setting the scene for a special night in but lack a rotating bed and laser show? I know the odds are stacked against you but you can try your luck using the Magic Love Candle. Simply light the wick at the top and the Love Emitting Diodes at the bottom will change from white to through to red producing a soft glow and setting the romantic mood. Just don’t invite someone for dinner with a promise to see your Magic Love Candle.

Magic Love Candle – £6.95

Convinced love is a mug’s game? Enjoy things being taken very literally? The Heat Changing Love Mug is pefect for you. The mug’s heat sensitive coating reveals your true feelings when hot water is poured in; with the hearts turn into words declaring your love. Assuming those are your true feelings. I’d hate for a mug to reveal “I secretly want to get with your sister”. Or worse “I secretly want to get with my sister” (I have to stress that this is 100% not the case).

Heat Changing Love Mug – £8.95

Got a dirty mind AND constantly peckish? Well why not try the Rude Food edition of the Wordsearch Tablecloth? Well, because unlike George Costanza, I like to keep food and sex totally separate, that’s why. If that’s what your into then you might enjoy this puzzling tablecloth, which has over 100 words to find, all of which are either a little bit naughty or food related. And, what’s more the tablecloth is wipe-clean so feel free to get carried away (with the food. Honestly. Such a filthy mind). And once you find all 100 words, simply try to find your own “rude” acronyms from existing ones like BSDM, BBW or DTF, or made up ones like ADJD, ERDB or FFFF. Make up a definition. Then try them out! Like we said it’s wipe-clean.

Wordsearch Tablecloth – £5.95