Connectivity is vital to almost every fancy new electronic device I buy/test. My phone and laptop you’d expect, but my games console, BluRay Player and TV are all online too. I’ve even seen networked fridges. This is partly the reason why my living room is a mess of ethernet cables, although there’s also a Airport Extreme valiantly struggling to cope with all the traffic. If you have a preponderance of gadgets but would like a slightly neater solution Cisco’s two new Linksys HomePlug AV Powerline solutions should be right up your alley.

The new Linksys Powerline AV 4-Port Network Adapter Kit can be used to transform any electrical socket into an Internet connection and can connect up to four multimedia devices simultaneously. The kit includes one 1-port powerline adapter and a 4-port powerline adapter

The Linksys Powerline AV Wireless Network Extender Kit can increase the range of an existing wireless network. By using existing electricity wiring and wall sockets; network connectivity can be delivered into rooms that may have limited wireless signal due to the location of the room or the use of building materials, such as concrete and steel. The kit includes a 1-port Powerline adapter and a 1-port adapter with an integrated wireless access point.

“Our new Powerline products provide a plug-and-play answer for two challenges that many consumers are facing: the need to connect all these new smart devices around the home to the Internet and need to increase wireless network coverage around the home,” said Jens Hofmeister, director product management for Cisco’s home networking business.