The very sight of my fixed-line phone connection can fill me with rage, knowing as I do, that it’s merely there to provide me with access to the wonders of the internet. My landline is merely a conduit for wrong numbers and telemarketing calls. If you don’t need ridiculous amounts of Internet or wired ethernet access for time to time, then there’s away way for you to jump to the sort of future naked DSL once promised us.

The new Web Cube from 3 offers an alternative to traditional broadband for people who don’t want a fixed-line contract and is a tiny bundle of magic for anyone who moves frequently (no more waiting between 8-6 for BT engineers to miraculously arrive).

As you can see, the Web Cub is packed in a swanky modern case and comes with a mobile broadband SIM card already inserted. Simply plug it in to your wall socket, turn it on, and your home will automagically have Wi-Fi internet from Three. And when you move house, just take it with you.

The Web Cube is HSPA+ enabled to the 21.1Mbps technical standard, though you’d be more likely to experience 2-5Mbps,

Three is offering customers a choice of two Web Cube tariffs to provide flexibility and great value. Customers can opt for a one-month rolling contract with 10GB of data costing £15 a month plus an upfront charge of £59.99 for the device. Alternatively Three offers a 24-month contract with 15GB of data costing £15.99 a month and no upfront charge for the device.

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