People keep talking about Noel Gallagher’s musical endeavours and Blur are doing a gig in the summer. Horrified as I am to acknowledge it, it seems as if a 90s comeback is a clear and present danger. What’s next? Flip-phones.

Yes as it turns out it is. Flip phones have been away for long enough to “come back” in the guise of ThumbsUps new 90s phone case. Complete with an aerial (push to activate standby) and working speaker lid, thumbsUp! has reworked a technology classic to fit your treasured iPhone. The 90s case is compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S and still leaves all your smartphone technology at your fingertips. It’s also been carefully designed to make anyone over 30 ponder their fleeting mortality.

thumbsUp!’s 90s Phone Case is due to be launched in the UK in autumn Q3 with a recommended retail price of £14.99.