Price: £30 each

Take to the skies and kick the ass of a friend through the medium of helicopter-based non-physical violence courtesy of and its spanking new battling 3 channel helicopters. R/C helicopters are about the most fun you can have with at least your underpants on but once you’ve mastered the art of flight, all that hovering and swooping can get a little dull. But now you can give boredom the heave-ho and blow it to kingdom come with these little beauties. They are super-stable thanks to their in-built 3D gyros and the 3 channel controls give you the freedom to fly forwards, backwards, up and down and left and right for precision control. And now for the cool part: each helicopter comes with an infra-red beam and an infra-red receiver which means you and a friend can take to the living room skies in a head to head dogfight to the death (or at least to humiliation, which some might say is a fate worse than death). Each successful hit will cause an LED indicator to light up and your oppononet’s helicopter to spin twice and the third strike will cause it to lose power and tumble from the sky (gently, of course). Get to the choppa here: