I like having the sort of job where PR companies send you lip balm in an effort to step your kissing game up. Softlips lip balms can help create and maintain soft, smooth and kissable lips. I popped some on, set up a booth and waited for a line to form. And waited. Fortunately they have Wifi so I was able write this up.

According to a survey by a lip balm company, “dry lips will ruin kissing and leave you cold and alone. Buy lip balm”. Well that was the subtext.

Kissing someone with dry or chapped lips was a big issue. More than half (52%) of those quizzed admitted they would refuse point blank to kiss someone with problem lips. Only just over a quarter (27%) said kissing someone with chapped lips wouldn’t matter to them at all, while 22% said they’d only have the kiss if the chapped lip sufferer used a lip balm first. More than a third (36%) said they would either wait until a date had better lips or were using lip balm before kissing them – and 16% would avoid dating that person altogether.

Softlips is part of a worldwide best-selling lipcare family. Available from high street pharmacies, including Superdrug, online retailers and at a recommended retail price of £1.87 for French Vanilla and £2.07 for Vitamin Enriched.