Up to date on your kissing stats? Didn’t think so. Have a few facts courtesy of a survery by alcohol free Dentyl Active mouthwash:

  • The biggest kissing turn-off is bad breath. Bad breath stole 45% of respondents’ votes, followed by goldfish-style kissing (15%) and lizard-like tongue when kissing (12.5%).
  • Nearly three-quarters of respondents (72.5%) said that they would not let anyone kiss them if they had bad breath.
  • One in 10 said that it would make them feel sick if someone kissed them with bad breath.
  • Over a quarter (27.5%) further remarked that they had actually avoided a potential partner that they otherwise liked because they had bad breath.
  • Bad breath was considered worse than a flabby stomach, spots or skin blemishes and even unwanted facial or body hair.

So there you have it. Obviously the survey by the mouthwash company seems to suggest that people are super keen on mouthwash – especially kissing people. (And not the band mouthwash who I went to school with But they are a great band. I still have my Music for the Average Ninja EP somewhere.)

Fortunately there’s the alcohol free Dentyl Active mouthwash at hand to save your lip-locked encounters.

Leading periodontologist, Professor Robin Seymour said:

“It is important to use an alcohol free antiseptic mouthwash and one that is two phased, containing essential oils and Cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC). Dentyl Active is the only mouthwash on our shelves which contains this. The good news about a two phased mouthwash like Dentyl Active is that they work round the mouth, gum line, tongue area pulling the plaque and food debris and as a result the mouthwash reveals the plaque and debris evidence when expelled from the mouth.”

Dentyl sent us a free sample to try out and the alcohol-free nature was a welcome change. Seeing the debris evidence is a little weird but it’s good to know that’s not inside you anymore. You definitely leave with a fresh, sparkling feel in your mouth. For more information, talk to me – I’ll be at your local kissing booth.