When geeks combine, awesomeness is inevitable! And so it was that Sebastian de Latour and Shem Pennant, old university friends and staunch believers in the sanctity of forever remaining young and foolish, decided to create a website that would appeal to like-minded game, gadget and gizmo-lovers the world over. Twins they may not be but geeks they are and new and exciting technology they are here to tame!



Sebastian de Latour

  • Day job: Motoring journalist
  • Loves: Home cinema
  • Hates: Spiders
  • Fascinating fact: Owns 13 consoles, including multiples of the same ones…



Shem Pennant

  • Day job: Comedian
  • Loves: Comedy
  • Hates: Having to say what he hates
  • Fascinating fact: Seb owns 13 consoles
  • @each1teach1